Welcome to qualitybyrich.com.  On the main page of this site I will log all updates and provide links to new content.  For archived news please use the menu above to navigate to the original location of the desired material.  Most categories are self explanatory with the exception of diversions and bits & bytes.  To clarify, diversions is a page dedicated hobbies of mine, activities that I do in my spare time and creations that have emerged from the mush that is my brain; bits & bytes is a page offering computer advice and solutions to common problems that a lot of the people that I have built computers for have encountered.  Links to interesting tech related articles that I come across will also be posted on the bits & bytes page. 
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05.05.2007 - I've added the final version of my thesis paper to the academia page.  Also on that page is a pdf of the powerpoint presentation that I gave at my defense.  Additionally, the movie lists on the diversions page have been updated.

Conquered in a Car Seat
01.16.2007 - I've linked to an essay I wrote about Van Morrison's Astral Weeks on the diversions page.

10.12.2006 - On the academia page I've posted some more projects that I worked on last year. 

10.01.2006 - I've posted an updated copy of my resume on the work page as an image (for easier viewing) and as downloadable pdf  and word files (for printability and offline viewing).  

09.01.2006 - On the academia page I've posted a few projects that I worked on during my first year of graduate school.  These three were already on the web so it facilitated the posting process.  Once I delve into the archives more of my old projects will be posted.

Large Update
03.25.2007 - I've added my thesis to the academia page, added some sites to the links page and updated my resume on the work page.  I also fixed a small bug that caused the site's HTML tables to render improperly on Apple's Safari browser.  Enjoy!

DVD Lists
01.07.2007 - I've updated both DVD lists on the diversions page.

10.02.2006 - Added a few links and accompanying blurbs to the links page.  Nothing major. 

DVD Lists
09.25.2006 - Two lists are posted on the diversions page.  They are of the DVDs that I own.  Coming soon-- a list of all of the albums that I own.

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