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Updated 4-Jun-2009
Book 1 (Movies 1): Book 2 (TV): 
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Sex and the City Season 1 (2 Discs)
Terms of Endearment Sex and the City Season 2 (3 Discs)
Proof Sex and the City Season 3 (3 Discs)
North Country Sex and the City Season 4 (3 Discs)
Sex and the City Season 5 (2 Discs)
Aristocrats Sex and the City Season 6, Part 1 (2 Discs)
Shakespeare in Love
13 Conversations About One Thing Friends Season 1 (4 Discs)
Munich Friends Season 2 (4 Discs)
Gossip Joey Season 1 (4 Discs)
In Her Shoes
Elizabethtown The Office (BBC): The Complete Series (4 Discs)
200 Cigarettes
SNL - The Best of John Belushi
Hotel New Hampshire
Derailed SNL - The Best of Will Ferrell
In America SNL - The Best of Will Ferrell, Vol. 2
Annie Hall SNL - The Best of Christopher Walken
What the #$*! Do We Know?! SNL - The Best of Adam Sandler
Sour Grapes SNL - The Best of Chris Rock
Picture Perfect SNL - The Best of Jimmy Fallon
Sin City Weeds Season 1 (Disc 1)
Elf Weeds Season 1 (Disc 2)
Clerks - 10th Anniversary (Original Rough Cut) Weeds Season 2 (2 Discs)
Return To Me Coupling Season 1
The Royal Tenenbaums
Coupling Season 2 (2 Discs)
Minority Report (2 Discs) Coupling Season 3 (2 Discs)
Phantom of the Opera
I Heart Huckabees Coupling Season 4 (1 Disc)
Carnivale Season 1 (Discs 1-3)
Boondock Saints
Mona Lisa Smile Carnivale Season 1 (Discs 4-6)
Le Divorce Carnivale Season 2 Disc 1
13 Going on 30
Carnivale Season 2 (Discs 2-5)
Donnie Darko
The Weather Man Carnivale Season 2 Disc 6
Borat Chris Rock - Never Scared
The Prestige Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker
The Best of the Chris Rock Show
The Pursuit of Happyness The Best of the Chris Rock Show, Volume 2
Stranger Than Fiction Platinum Comedy Series - Dave Chappelle - Killing Them Softly
In Good Company Jerry Seinfeld - I'm Telling You For the Last Time - Live On Broadway
Chris Rock - Bring the Pain
Just Like Heaven
Breakfast at Tifanny's SNL - 25 Years of Laughs
The Talented Mr. Ripley Best of the Muppet Show featuring Mark Hamill, Paul Simon & Raquel Welch
Waiting For Guffman Martin Lawrence - You So Crazy
Def Comedy Jam All Stars, Volume 2
Life is Beautiful
Say Anything Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth: Live From the Fillmore
Matchpoint Angels In America (2 Discs)
Election Dane Cook - Harmful if Swallowed
Team America: World Police Sports Night: The Complete Series (Discs 1-4)
In the Bedroom
Fried Green Tomatoes Sports Night: The Complete Series (Discs 5-6)
White Oleander The West Wing: Season 1 (Discs 1-2)
Cinderella Man The West Wing: Season 1 (Discs 3-6)
You Can Count On Me
My Best Friend's Wedding The West Wing: Season 1 (Disc 7)
Midnight Run The West Wing: Season 2 (Discs 1-3)
Norah Jones - Live In New Orleans The West Wing: Season 2 (Discs 4-7)
Norah Jones & The Handsome Band - Live in 2004
Pink Floyd - The Wall The West Wing: Season 3 (Discs 1-4)
Paul Simon - Graceland - The African Concert
The West Wing: Season 3 (Discs 5-7)
Paul Simon - Live at the Tower Theater The West Wing: Season 4 (Disc 1)
Dixie Chicks - Top of the World Tour
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over The West Wing: Season 4 (Discs 2-5)
Nas - Video Anthology, Vol. 1
The West Wing: Season 4 (Disc 6)
No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2 Discs) The West Wing: Season 5 (Discs 1-3)
Paul McCartney - In Red Square
Joni Mitchell - Woman of Heart and Mind The West Wing: Season 5 (Discs 4-6)
The West Wing: Season 6 (Disc 1)
Carole King - In Concert
John Lennon - Imagine: Deluxe Edition The West Wing: Season 6 (Discs 2-5)
An Evening With The Dixie Chicks - Live From the Kodak Theatre
Eric Clapton - Unplugged The West Wing: Season 6 (Disc 6)
The West Wing: Season 7 (Discs 1-3)
Outkast - The Videos
Van Morrison - Live in Montreaux (2 Discs) The West Wing: Season 7 (Discs 4-6)
A Musicares Tribute to James Taylor Big Love: Season 1 (Disc 1)
Shut Up and Sing Big Love: Season 1 (Discs 2-5)
Ben Folds & WASO - Live in Perth
John Legend - Live at the House of Blues Big Love: Season 2 (4 Discs)
Ben Folds Five: Complete Sessions at West 54th
The Comeback: Season 1 (2 Discs)
In the Mix Passport to Europe: France & Italy
21 Grams Passport to Europe: Seven Fabulous Cities
Failure To Launch
Happiness Passport to Europe: England, Ireland & Scotland
Passport to Europe: Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Syriana Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series (Discs 1-2)
Girl With a Pearl Earring
Bowling for Columbine (2 Discs) Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series (Discs 3-6)
Snatch Undeclared: The Complete Series (4 Discs)
Vanilla Sky
About Adam Bob Saget - That Ain't Right
Melinda and Melinda Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Season 1 (Discs 1-3)
Made - Special Edition Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Season 1 (Discs 4-6)
Swingers Louis C.K. - Shameless
In Cold Blood The Bronx Is Burning (3 Discs)
Planet Earth: The Complete Series (Disc 1)
Stand By Me Planet Earth: The Complete Series (Discs 2-5)
American History X
Storytelling Dane Cook - Vicious Circle (2 Discs)
Extras - Season 1 (2 Discs)
My Cousin Vinny
Deliverance Extras - Season 2 (2 Discs)
Fight Club Extras - The Extra Special Series Finale
The 40 Year-Old Virgin Inside the Actor's Studio: Dave Chappelle
Manhattan Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes
V for Vendetta Lucky Louie: Season 1 (2 Discs)
Six Degrees of Separation The Wire - Season 1 (Disc 1)
The Wire - Season 1 (Discs 2-5)
Friends With Money
She's The One The Wire - Season 2 (Discs 1-4)
Two for the Money
Transamerica The Wire - Season 2 (Disc 5)
The Wire - Season 3 (Discs 1-3)
The Man
The Constant Gardener The Wire - Season 3 (Discs 4-5)
Sideways The Wire - Season 4 (Discs 1-2)
Kicking & Screaming (2005, Will Ferrell)
The Wire - Season 4 (Discs 3-4)
Kicking and Screaming (1995, Noah Baumbach) The Wire - Season 5 (Discs 1-2)
Where the Heart Is The Wire - Season 5 (Discs 3-4)
A Lot Like Love The Corner (2 Discs)
United 93 How I Met Your Mother: Season 1 (3 Discs)
Closer How I Met Your Mother: Season 2 (Disc 1)
Happy Endings
Liar Liar (Full Frame) How I Met Your Mother: Season 2 (Discs 2-3)
Lost - Season 1 (Discs 1-2)
Broken Flowers
Click Lost - Season 1 (Discs 3-6)
The Wedding Date Lost - Season 1 (Disc 7)
Lost - Season 2 (Discs 1-3)
Bruce Almighty
Death to Smoochy Book 4 (TV): 
Lollilove Tell Me You Love Me: Season 1 (4 Discs)
Metropolitan Psych - Season 1 (4 Discs)
The Devil Wears Prada Friday Night Lights: Season 2 (4 Discs)
You, Me and Dupree
Saturday Night Live: Season 1 (1975) (Discs 1-4)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
The Break-Up Saturday Night Live: Season 1 (1975) (Discs 5-8)
Dangerous Minds
Wimbledon The Tudors: Season 1 (4 Discs)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Weeds - Season 3 (3 Discs)
Thank You for Smoking October Road - Season 1 (Disc 1)
Employee of the Month
Me and You and Everyone We Know October Road - Season 1 (Disc 2)
Scrubs - Season 1 (3 Discs)
The Greatest Game Ever Played
House of Sand and Fog Scrubs - Season 2 (3 Discs)
An Inconvenient Truth Scrubs - Season 3 (Disc 1)
Little Miss Sunshine
Scrubs - Season 3 (Discs 2-3)
Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Scrubs - Season 4 (Discs 1-2)
Snakes on a Plane Scrubs - Season 4 (Disc 3)
The Object of My Affection Scrubs - Season 5 (3 Discs)
The Last Kiss Scrubs - Season 6 (3 Discs)
Orange County Scrubs - Season 7 (Disc 1)
Just Friends
Brokeback Mountain Scrubs - Season 7 (Disc 2)
Brothers & Sisters - Season 1 (Discs 1-3)
Flight Plan
Raising Helen Brothers & Sisters - Season 1 (Discs 4-6)
25th Hour Brothers & Sisters - Season 2 (Disc 1)
Brothers & Sisters - Season 2 (Discs 2-5)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (DTS Only) Norah Jones - Live From Austin (Austin City Limits)
The Good Girl When The Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts (3 Discs)
Rumor Has It
John Adams (3 Discs)
Red Eye How I Met Your Mother - Season 3 (Disc 1)
The Upside of Anger
The Motorcycle Diaries How I Met Your Mother - Season 3 (Discs 2-3)
Double Jeopardy The Office - Season 4 (Discs 1-2)
American Dreamz The Office - Season 4 (Discs 3-4)
He Got Game Jim Norton - Monster Rain
Prime Chris Rock - Kill the Messenger
Hustle and Flow
Californication - Season 1 (2 Discs)
The Icestorm It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seasons 1 & 2 (Discs 1-2)
Punch Drunk Love
Hitch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seasons 1 & 2 (Disc 3)
The Family Stone Once & Again - Season 1 (Discs 1-3)
The Five People You Meet in Heaven Once & Again - Season 1 (Discs 4-6)
The Departed Gossip Girl - Season 1 (Disc 1)
The Holiday
Friday Night Lights Gossip Girl - Season 1 (Discs 2-5)
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels October Road - Season 2 (3 Discs)
Babel Everybody Hates Chris - Season 1
The School of Rock
You've Got Mail
South Park: Season 1
Poolhall Junkies
Music and Lyrics
Gangs of New York (2 Discs)
Must Love Dogs
Supersize Me
The Notebook
Little Children
Letters from Iwo Jima
Because I Said So
East of Eden (2 Discs)
Sleepless in Seattle
Trust the Man
Catch and Release
About a Boy
The Last King of Scotland
This Film is Not Yet Rated
Who Killed the Electric Car?
The Science of Sleep
Man of the Year
Mean Girls
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Book 3 (Movies 2)
Italian Job
50 First Dates
I Think I Love My Wife
Napolean Dynamite
A History of Violence
Waking Life
Blades of Glory
Sherry Baby
The Aviator
Broken English
The Sound of Music
The Lakehouse
Wild Hogs
A Few Good Men
Slacker (2 Discs)
Reality Bites
Brooklyn Rules
Reign Over Me
Finding Neverland
The Squid and the Whale
Ladder 49
Friday Night Lights
Friday After Next
Varsity Blues
Shrek 2
Shrek the Third
The Wedding Singer
The Perfect Man
The Number 23 (Unrated Version)
March of the Penguins
Spiderman 2 (2 Discs)
Spiderman 3
Cherry Crush
License to Wed
The Hottest State
Head of State
Overnight Delivery
2 Days in Paris
Slap Shot (25th Anniversary Edition)
Blood Diamond (2 Discs)
Moving McAllister
Blind Dating
The Namesake
Why We Fight
The American President
Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price
The Corporation
Margot at the Wedding
Blue State
Kelly's Heroes
Away From Her
Gone Baby Gone
Men in Black (2 Discs)
Boys Don't Cry
Without a Paddle
Miss Congeniality
Into the Wild (2 Discs)
Dan in Real Life
The Heartbreak Kid
Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story
Men in Black II 
A Walk to Remember
Lucky You
No Country for Old Men
Into the Blue
Michael Clayton
A Mighty Heart
Hot Fuzz
Love & Sex
Charlie Wilson's War
Why Did I Get Married?
P.S. I Love You
Across the Universe
American Gangster
There Will Be Blood (2 Discs)
The Kite Runner
Lars and the Real Girl
Fool's Gold
The Savages
Music Within
American Pastime
I'm Not There (2 Discs)
In Bruges
Definitely, Maybe
The Darjeeling Limited
August Rush
The Bucket List
27 Dresses
Under the Same Moon
The Air I Breathe
The Other Boleyn Girl
Super High Me
Charlie Bartlett
Courage Under Fire
Wild America
Bee Season
Fly Away Home
The Simpsons Movie
John Q
Chaos Theory
Love Story
My Blueberry Nights
Purple Violets
Smart People
Never Forever
I Could Never Be Your Woman
Hannah Takes the Stairs
Sophie's Choice
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
CSNY - déjà vu
Spirit of the Marathon
Freedom Writers
Under the Tuscan Sun
Wedding Daze
Sweet Land
Sex and the City - The Movie (2 Discs)
The Visitor
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Two Lane Blacktop (2 Discs)
300 (2 Discs)
Sweeny Todd (2 Discs)
The Ultimate Gift
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2 Discs)
Baby Mama
Harold & Maude
Hannah and Her Sisters
Crimes & Misdemeanors
The Sandlot
The Usual Suspects
Beavis & Butthead: Do America
Amelie (2 Discs)
The Rules of Attraction
Something's Gotta Give
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
The Hurricane
Flags of Our Fathers
Everything is Illuminated
The Truman Show
The Blues Brothers (25th Anniversary Edition- Side A - Extended Cut)
The Blues Brothers (25th Anniversary Edition- Side B - Theatrical Version)
My Girl
Benny & Joon
Burn After Reading
Casablanca (2 Discs)
The Man in the Moon
Mr. Holland's Opus
Dead Poet's Society
Stand and Deliver
Bottle Shock
My Best Friend's Girl
A League of Their Own
Get Smart
The Mighty Ducks
Some Kind of Wonderful
Rachel Getting Married
I've Loved You So Long
The Women
Synecdouche, NY
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Slumdog Millionaire
For Your Consideration
Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
Primal Fear
49 Up
A Tribe Called Quest - Video Anthology
Raging Bull - Collector's Edition (2 Discs)
Eastern Promises
Classic Albums - Paul Simon - Graceland
New York, New York
Biggie & Tupac
Reservation Road
The Lucky Ones
Good Morning Vietnam
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
The U.S. vs. John Lennon
Last Chance Harvey
Cassandra's Dream
The Wrestler
The Way We Were